Candour is the glue that holds great ideas together

Our success is rooted in the name our company stands for, candor –
the ability to be candid, open, honest and straightforward in expression.
Just as the quality of candidness is important to the success of our personal relationships, so it is as important in our business relationships. That has never been more true than the relationships between us and our clients, and our clients and their audiences. We pride ourselves on crafting brand identities that are an honest reflection of our clients, and that help their audiences feel as though they’ve met a trusted friend.

How do we do this? We help our clients figure out that it’s what’s inside that counts, because the brand on the outside is only as strong as the brand on the inside. Then we remind them that change is good, because what worked yesterday, won’t necessarily work today. Then, we use well-founded research, strategy, design and fresh innovative thinking to help our clients break through the clutter and communicate their brand
in a voice that is always relevant and distinctive.

And at the end of the day, we strive to accomplish three simple goals.

Stir emotion. Shape perception. Trigger action.