After two years of continued growth in it’s current Ocala, Florida location; award-winning boutique branding and design studio, Candour is set to expand into a second location in Dallas, Texas effective January 01, 2011.

Principal and Creative Director, Holly Clark will remain in Ocala to run Candour’s home-based location while Principal and Creative Director, Kristin Goza will take the lead on launching the new Dallas studio. As business partners, Clark and Goza are excited about the new opportunities and challenges this brings to their fairly new company. “We realized that having one studio in Central Florida wasn’t going to allow us to grow our business into what we someday hope it will be. So, we knew we had to take a calculated risk by expanding into a new market where we’d be able to take advantage of increased market share,” says Goza. “Due to Dallas’ strong economy and forecast for growth we feel Candour will do well in this expanded metropolitan area where high-end design and branding is in demand.”

Clark adds, “Although we’re very excited about what this new addition to Candour means for increased growth and productivity, we also look forward to maintaining our client relationships right here in Central Florida. This is where it all began, and although we look forward to new growth, we also pride ourselves on our established Central Florida roots.”

With each woman taking the lead on their respective branch of Candour, the design duo will continue to seamlessly run both offices and creatively collaborate on all client work.